Ruca Apple - Message from Shirley

Written by Admin on 15 July 2011.

Even before Ruca Apple was tall enough to reach the turntables, she was always passionate about music, inspire people as a ‘DJ’ with what many define as a “bold and delicate” sound that is always delivered with lovely looks and a charming killer smile.

Emotionally, the title track works in reverse, with a fat, breezy arpeggio lightening the gloom halfway through. It's not especially dark before then, but loads of reverb and faint howling noises do feel somewhat ghostly. The track's considerable momentum is generated via a torrent of hypnotic drum hits placed between the main kicks.

IFMR014Ruca Apple track sounds less like the archetype of what was around at that time. Its hurrying analogue and galloping drum splashes are overlaid by a lucent pad for a short while, a delicate moment of peace before we start running in circles again. The repetitive analogue riff is great, with a mysterious journeying quality that keeps us in inexorable tow.

The Fabio T. version is as interesting and incommensurable with sausage factory dub techno as these production methods. The combination of the crackling drum track all swung toms and splashing, offbeat snares that smack just after the fourth beat in a nasty, syncopated manner and the washes of sound around it end up sounding like a resurrection ritual in the depths of a pitch-black cavern. It broods hugely.

Those washes aren't particularly unique taken individually. But the way they intertwine with everything else sends shivers down your spine.

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR014
Released: July 15th, 2011
Style: Techno