Brazza - Less is More

Written by Admin on 12 July 2012.

The title track is wrapped in a Burial-like ambience, in which crashes of thunder boom moodily in the distance. Though devoid of footsteps per se, there's a sense of cautious movement through cavernous space. Patches of ringing pops and gritty shuffling assist this feeling, as Brazza eases gusty synths back and forth across the spectrum. Halfway through, the already considerable sense of dread is amplified by a subtle yet convincing heartbeat.  "Less Is More" its hard-shelled kicks strike at will, laying down a broken rhythm amid pressurised blasts of steam and numerous industrial echoes. That makes it sound violent, but it's actually rather restrained; more menacing than savage.

IFMR036Fabio T. remix is the hookiest of the bunch, leading with a dogged blooping. It's relentless in its own way, despite the overt brightness of the whole thing. Lightweight metallic shunts and rolling hi-hats sustain this bustling structure above, shuddering restlessly but never upsetting the cart. Deejay Mo remix returns to the sleek, driving vibe of "Less Is More" Comparably, it's also brimming with swathes of gleaming synth. Most of its energy is generated by a deep, massaging bass sequence that pauses meditatively at the end of each phrase. This is paired with a quick double-hit from the kick drum, at which point a new phrase begins and the intensity seems to jump up repeatedly.

Ruca Apple remix favours an even lighter melody, a kind of choral murmuring which has been reduced almost to nothing.  Into a heaving mass of gravelly shakers and dust-eaten drums, and the otherwise funky swirling watercolour punctured by an unforgiving kickdrum.

Label: Insomniafm Records
Cat: IFMR036
Released: November 30th, 2012
Style: Techno

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Ruca Apple APP

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