Even before Apple Ruca was tall enough to reach the turntables, she was always passionate about music. Born in Osaka, Japan, she started her music career early on the piano. She has won her numerous awards from various competitions in Japan (Matsumoto) and Australia (Melbourne/Adelaide).

Apple Ruca music accomplishment didn’t end there. She continues to inspire people as a ‘DJ’ with what many define as a “bold and delicate” sound that is always delivered with lovely looks and a charming killer smile.
In 2003 she made her debut as a DJ at Club ATOM in Tokyo, and has continued to get bookings from many other world famous night clubs such as ATOM, ASIA, MODULE, AIR and WOMB.

She was rewarded ‘BEST 8’ at the Kawasaki Halloween DJ Battle from 150 participants in October 2008. And, at last, she was invited to UK (London) ZEN BAR and Ukraine (Kiev) SAXON in spring 2009. In addition, she played at the Roland Stage of METAMORPHOSE FESTIVAL’09 which is the most famous dance music festival in Japan.

2010 her mix was a podcast on the electronic music radio "Insomniafm" and had a big success, being a no.1 show based on top10 listener tune, she also played at THE CORONET TEATER in February. In 2010 she moved to London and, she started to produce at the Subbass DJ Academy in January 2011.

Ruca Apple was the first female DJ to release an album for Insomniafm Records, leader in progressive and big-room house music. Her first album was "Message from Shirley" (IFMR014) was released in July 2011, also released "Decided to Believe" (IFMR024) in September 2011. Furthermore, in the same year she appear on the compilation "Autumn Nights vol.1", which is a whole lot of deliberate and sparse bass music to process at once a quality level rarely dips below above average, it's a mammoth undertaking to get through in its entirety.

On 2012, her guest mix played on various radios world wide and she was invited to play at INDIGO TRIBE FESTIVAL, a gathering that is dedicated to all free spirits! The annual gathering is a global reunion of the tribes. Ruca Apple is currently busy mixing a third album for Insomniafm Records.
That little girl from Osaka will always inspire you in the heavily male dominated DJ market, she created a huge impact on the scene in a short amount of time.

Ruca Apple App

Ruca Apple APP

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checklist Sep 12th: Hard Rock Hotel, Cotai Macau 
checklist Sep 19th: X2, Jakarta 
checklist Sep 25th: Brasserie De Monaco, Monaco 
checklist Nov 24th: Club Planet, Galati

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